Is Kilimani area a new hub for rich gangsters?

It is not the first time Kilimani is trending on the Twitter streets and it is not for the right reasons.

A neighborhood that was once coveted for being family friendly and posh is now being feared and tarnished. Over the years, there have been several incidences happening in Kilimani area that involve rich crimes.

Wonder why I call it rich crimes? Well, the cases that happen there are not about petty crime. Crime in this area is discussed in millions. One rich scandal or crime after another.

On numerous occasions, the report of a young man that has been killed in Kilimani is often referred to as a businessman or an important title associated with their “profession”.

The trend is worrying as it involves young men between the age of 20 to 35 years.

This area is now being highly avoided by slay queens of Nairobi citing it as dangerous. Once a lady knows you are from Kilimani and your source of income is from making deals, she runs for the hills never looking back.

Numerous killings have happened in these Kilimani homes over a deal gone wrong. The details of these “deals” never see the light of day.

Just yesterday, a business man by the name Kevin Omwenga, aged 28 years, was shot in his apartment in Kilimani over a deal gone wrong. See, there goes the title and story again. Same script different man. It was later revealed on Twitter that Kevin Omwenga is a conman.

The youth are being advised to stop living life on the fast lane. Gaining riches in all the wrong ways and making illegal dealings which end up with the young man or lady lying on a mortuary table with a bullet in them.

Fellow youths are being urged not to force richness. Don’t let Instagram fool you.


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