Making money online in Kenya

Making money is an issue permanently housed in people’s minds, everywhere. Everyone desires a certain lifestyle that may get enhanced upon access to a given volume of income. This reality makes even more sense in a country like Kenya given the relatively high poverty rates in comparison to western states. Gladly, the internet revolution has created exciting ways of making that main income, or an extra dime at the comfort of your home, office or any other location of convenience.

Freelancing writing

Freelancing writing is one of the fairly recent but booming ways of making money online in Kenya. Unfortunately, the mention of the term ‘freelance writing’ creates the impression of academic writing. Freelance writing is beyond doing academic assignments for students. The academic writing dimension of freelancing is still one of the most lucrative ways of earning money online. However, one should note that it remains unethical and most western nations are initiating ways of reining on essay mills. Regardless, many unemployed young Kenyans are still making money in such academic writing platforms as Uvocorp, Essaypro, Edusson and Essayshark. Most of the Kenyans in this category start up the gigs through linkage with friends.

The wider freelance industry presents a platform for willing freelancers to pitch for gigs in the numerous online platforms and websites available. Some of the trusted sites in online freelancing include Upwork,, and Fiverr. Creating a profile in each of the three sites is free. Once the profile is up, a freelancer creates a gig or indicates his areas of competence. Clients in search of services linked to the skills can contact the freelancer. Equally, the freelancer may bid on the many gigs posted by the clients on the site. The advantages of using these sites to make money online is the range of gigs posted. A gig can range from a little of $5 to a high of $50,000. Many freelancers sustain income through return clients making this hustle a possibly reliable way of making money online. This type of freelancing has visibly worked in Kenya and presents a chance to make that elusive shilling at the comfort of your home.


Dropshipping is an exciting way to make money online especially for individuals with a commerce bug. Many eCommerce resellers do not, necessarily, operate physical stores. In dropshipping, an entrepreneur can order an item from a producer on behalf of a client. The producer then ships it directly to the client. The reseller does not, in any way handle the product. It is a lucrative means of making money online and a modern supply chain system favored for the high level of convenience. A client can make an order to a store owner valued at 3,500. The online store owner forwards the customer’s order and address details to the wholesaler/producer and  purchases the item at possibly 1,800. The wholesaler ships the item directly to the client. Shopify is a trusted platform to assit you in starting out on dropshipping.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, as a way of making money online, works around promoting products with a view of pushing sales and making commissions. Affiliate marketing brings value to sellers through increased purchases and makes sense to the marketers through commission payments. You only need to think of a product you enjoy, write positive content about it, and track your payments through affiliate links.

An affiliate marketing transaction cycle/Big Commerce



Transcription, as a tactic of making money online, transforms live or recorded speech into documented text. One example of a transaction service is the conversion of court proceedings into documents or legal reports. Transcription is gaining tract in Kenya due to the rising need for transcription services worldwide. Gladly, transcription is getting easier, by the day, due to availability of applications that can change speech into written word. Trusted websites paying transcribers include, transcribeme and Transcription Hub.


Captioning, often misinterpreted as transcription, involves use of transcripted text to create caption frames that are consistent to audio or video conversations. The captions you read in films often come up after a rigorous output by captioners. It is one of the newest ways of making money online in Kenya. Captioning, like transcription, only requires you to access a laptop or smartphones, a stable source of internet and listening devices such as earphones of headphones. The most visible site offering jobs on captioning is 

SEO Services

The word SEO has stayed around since the rise of websites in the internet. In as much as many technology conscious Kenyans have heard of the term SEO, very few individuals understand the specific details about it. Search engine optimization services in Kenya are quite expensive due to the competitive nature of search engine ranking. Also, Kenya has very few SEO experts making the work a lucrative venture for committed content analysts. SEO service providers analyze website keywords to ensure consistency and conformity to ranking needs. All web based business focus on accessing favorable ranking by search engines such as Google and Bing. If you can analyze a website and provide effective ‘Focus Keyphrases’, popular ‘keywords’ based on context and geography, you should be getting top dollar at the convenience of your home or any location you opt to work from.



It is worthy to note that the process of making money online requires patience. Most of the worthy ways of making money online require training, hard work and persistence. Any platform promising a quick income fix is probably another scam eager to exploit your sweat.



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