SafeBoda suspends operations beginning 27th November in Nairobi

SafeBoda operators/ PHOTO: SafeBoda

Transport provider SafeBoda has announced the suspension of their boda boda services to the public.

SafeBoda are stating that due to hard economic times, they unfortunately arrived at the decision of pausing operations in the city starting next week Friday.

“SafeBoda has made a very difficult decision to pause Rides and Send services from 27th November 2020. While Nairobi is seeing some economic recovery from Covid-19 boda transportation has been hit hard. This has meant our business cannot sustainably operate in this environment and unfortunately the timeline for a full recovery is not certain,” SafeBoda declared in a statement.

The transport provider went ahead to acknowledge that the move will negatively affect those registered and employed by the company.

“We know that this will negatively impact our community of boda boda drivers. Our community is at the core of what we do at SafeBoda. In Nairobi, we set out to professionalize and improve the boda industry, building a community of over 4,000 SafeBodas that followed safety rules, helmet wearing and gave great customer service.”

They further added, “From now until the 27th of November we will be promoting our SafeBoda drivers and this will be a chance for customers to use their remaining wallet balances to take rides or send packages.”

Despite the suspension of operations on the stipulated date, the company will continue to grow in Uganda and Nigeria and  it will continue to be dedicated to empowering its communities to thrive.

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