Body of Kenyan killed in US to be exhumed for fresh autopsy

Dorothy Ong’era

The body of Dorothy Ong’era who died mysteriously died in the US will be exhumed for a fresh autopsy following a court order.

The family believes a fresh autopsy will clear the grey areas surrounding her death in December last year in Arlington, Texas, particularly her hurried burial.

Not even her parents were informed.

According to court documents, the family says Ong’era’s husband, Obadiah Kinara, should explain the circumstances that led to her death.

Kinara has opposed the exhumation petition by David Ong’era, the father of the woman, at the Court of Appeal, arguing he has no legal right to exhume the body.

In court papers, he argues the father-in-law had no legal authority to demand the autopsy without his consent.

The father, however, said he had had every right to know what caused his daughter’s death at her home in Arlington, Texas. He termed as frivolous the move by his son in law to block the exhumation.

Kinara was accused of secretly Dorothy without involving his parents-in-law, raising suspicions.

A coroner’s report says her body was found sprawled in the bathroom with injuries.

According to the husband, Dorothy died from “drowning in tub water” in her house.

Dorothy was a mother of six young children, with the youngest barely two years.

On Tuesday, the plaintiff put a 32-page response to the appeal against the exhumation saying the Second Court of Appeal judges Birdwell, Bassel and Walach did not abuse the discretionary powers.

The family is yet to set the exhumation date.

Ongera was buried 10 months ago in Arlington, Texas, where both families live.

Her six children have since been taken away from their father and are now living with their grandfather.

On Tuesday, he said he was happy with the ruling to exhume his daughter’s body to know what caused her death.

He also said this would allow them to conduct a decent burial for her after an independent pathologist conducts the repeat autopsy.

The family has been fundraising to pay for the independent autopsy.


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