Brazil President tests Covid-19 positive months after dismissing coronavirus

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro/ COURTESY

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for Covid-19 after months of dismissing the virus.

President Bolsonaro made the announcement himself on Brazilian TV channels Tuesday.

“It came back positive,” Bolsonaro told reporters on Tuesday outside his official residence.

“Everyone knew that it would reach a considerable part of the population sooner or later. It was positive for me,” he said, referring to the test he took Monday.

“I’ve done a lung screening, my lung is clean, OK? I went to do a Covid exam a while ago, but everything is okay,” CNN quoted him.

Bolsonaro has derided coronavirus as just a “little flu,” and previously appeared in public and at political rallies without a mask, even hugging supporters.

He has even encouraged the country to reopen, even as the number of infections and deaths shot up, and criticized local governments’ efforts to stamp out the virus through social distancing measures.

Brazil had as of Tuesday 1.63 million Covid-19 cases and 65, 556 deaths. Some 979,000 people have covered.

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