Igad, UN and EU welcome Somalia and Council of Presidential Candidates’ deal on elections

Somalia PM Mohamed Roble meets with Council of Presidential candidates in Decale hotel to resolve election issues  on February 25

Igad and the UN have welcomed the agreement between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Council of Presidential Candidates on various issues of concerns regarding public safety, security, rights to hold peaceful demonstrations and dialogue.

In a statement on Friday, February 26, Igad said the deal is a critical step towards reaching consensus on arrangement for conducting inclusive, peaceful, free and fair elections.

“Igad encourages Somali leaders to continue in the same spirit and iron out all the outstanding issues through dialogue, compromise and consensus building,” the statement said.

The UN in Somalia said it warmly welcomes the agreement announced by Prime Minister Mohamed Roble with the leaders of Galmudug, HirShabelle and Benadir, and the Council of Presidential Candidates, terming it a positive step.

“The UN in Somalia applauds this step, which is in the interest of the citizens of Mogadishu and of Somalia, and urges that all involved continue to engage in dialogue to address other remaining issues in a spirit of compromise and goodwill,” UN Somalia said in a statement.

On February 24, PM Roble met international partners to discuss the federal elections.

The meeting explored ways to overcome impediments, security and maintaining overall stability in the country.

EU Ambassador to Somalia Nicolas Berlanga I praise the spirit of compromise and responsibility by PM Roble and the members of the Presidential Candidates.

“The agreement build hope for a peaceful, neutral and inclusive organisation of elections in a short delay. Encouraging piece of news for Somali citizens and partners,” Berlanga said.

Somalia’s international partners call for urgency in elections deal dialogue

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