Kenya concerned by humanitarian situation in Afghanistan

Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Martin Kimani/ TWITTER

Kenya has expressed concern with the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

Through a joint statement as part of the A3 Plus 1 at the UN Security Council — Kenya, Tunisia, Niger and the Saint Vincent and Grenadines — on the situation in Afghanistan, Kenya’s mission said the UNSC must not relent in its demand that Taliban make sustained efforts to embrace peace and cease links with terror groups and affiliates.

The statement also called for the new Taliban government to engage in “meaningful dialogue” with all components of society that will transform Afghanistan to a beacon of peace.

“The group emphasized that the search for peace must include respect for Afghan human rights, particularly those of the women, youth and ethnic minority groups; and reaffirmed their unwavering solidarity with the people of Afghanistan,” the statement noted.

On August 30, Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Martin Kimani said Kenya supported the UNSC resolution that Taliban should ensure no safe haven for terrorists and provide safe passage for those wishing to exit.

“Kenya joined the Security Council in condemning the Kabul Attack. We said that “deliberately targeting civilians and personnel assisting in the evacuation of civilians is especially abhorrent…”” he tweeted.

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