Somalia condemns Taiwan’s move to open diplomatic mission in Somaliland

Taiwan mission in Somaliland/ HORN DIPLOMAT

Somalia has protested against Taiwan’s move to open a diplomatic mission in Somaliland.

In a statement on Tuesday, Somalia condemned what it termed as “reckless attempts to infringe on the sovereignty of the Republic of Somalia and violate its territorial integrity”.

The Federal republic of Somalia repudiates such misguided endeavours that seek to show discord and division among our people,” the statement said.

Somalia further affirmed its position of respect for the principle of sovereignty of states in accordance with international law and the charters of the United Nations, and said it would take measures to protect its sovereignty.

Taiwan on Monday formally opened a representative office in Somaliland after agreeing to establish diplomatic representation on July 1.

This is controversial because Somalia and the international community do not recognise Somaliland, which is a breakaway state, as independent. Same case with Taiwan and China.

“Somalia does not recognise Somaliland’s breakaway status, and therefore maintains it is still part of Somalia’s territorial integrity, and that the Federal Government bases in Mogadishu therefore has authority over Somaliland as well,” Omar Mahmood, Somalia analyst for the International Crisis Group, told Anadolu Agency last month.

Beijing accused Taiwan of separatism and acting with “desperation”.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a regular press briefing that Beijing “firmly opposes Taiwan and Somaliland setting up official organisations or conducting official relations with each other”.

“There is only one China in the world and Taiwan is an inseparable part of it,” Zhao said.

This also comes shortly after Somalia President Mohamed Farmajo and Somaliland leader Moussa Bihi Abdi held a negotiation meeting in Djibouti in June.

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