Sudan Army generals, protesters finally sign power-sharing deal

Sudan’s protesters and ruling generals on Wednesday signed a power-sharing deal, paving the way for a civilian administration and effectively giving in to demonstrators’ demands.

An AFP correspondent reported that the two sides — representatives from the military council and the Forces for Declaration of Freedom and Change — signed the Political Declaration after “intense talks through the night over fine details of the agreement”.

Deputy chief of the ruling military council Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, who signed on behalf of the Army, said the agreement was a historic moment for Sudan.

The Washington Post said the other document, a constitutional declaration, is likely to be signed within days, perhaps as early as Friday.

The deal is a key step in Sudan’s transition after months of street protests that prompted the military to depose dictator Omar al-Bashir, who had ruled for over three decades, in April.

It is also a win for the protesters after at least 120 of them died after soldiers opened fire on people staging a sit-in outside Sudan’s Defense Ministry in Khartoum on June 2.

At least 10 others were killed on June 30, when tens of thousands of demonstrators flooded the streets of Khartoum in the biggest show of numbers in the uprising, according to protest organisers.

The power-sharing deal includes a Cabinet appointed by the pro-democracy movement.

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