US and UK call for cessation of hostilities in Tigray

A victim of Tigray conflict with her child

The United States has joined the UK  in calling for a cessation of hostilities by all conflict parties and unfettered humanitarian access so that aid can flow and famine can be averted.

US Embassy in Ethiopia said on Wednesday June 2, “We agree with the UK that the humanitarian situation in Tigray is rapidly deteriorating. A break in the fighting NOW, coupled with unfettered humanitarian access, will immediately help avert the risk of famine”.

UK Special Envoy Nick Dyer had on June 1 called for a humanitarian ceasefire because there’s a growing risk of famine in Tigray.

“The planting season doesn’t have long left so if the farmers can’t plant now, the situation will get even worse,” Dyer said.

US call comes days after Ethiopia’s foreign ministry said it would reassess its relations with Washington, “which might have implications beyond our bilateral relationship” over what it termed interference in Tigray.

On Sunday May 23, Washington announced restrictions on economic and security assistance over alleged human rights abuses during the conflict in the northern Tigray region.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the restrictions were meant to push the parties involved to settle the conflict that started in November.

The international community, including UN agencies, have decried abuse of rights, suffering of children and women and rape in the Tigray conflict.

Children are paying a terrible price for Tigray conflict, says Unicef

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