Abel Mutua narrates how he learnt of his mother’s demise

Abel Mutua came to the limelight after featuring in Tahidi High.

He is a man of many talents. He is a creative director, actor, content creator and thumps his chest about being an extraordinaire storyteller.

Abel started a YouTube channel where he posts his storytelling content. So far, his YouTube channel has over 118,000 subscribers. His celebrity friends came together to support him when he started his channel. The support he received was massive. This saw the growth of the channel.

On that fateful day that he received news of his mother’s tragic demise, Abel was on set shooting Mother-In-Law. He was stationed at the camera at that time.

“My vibe was off the whole day. I couldn’t explain why. My producer received a phone call and then I saw his facial expression change.” Abel narrates.

Abel narrates that he felt as though the phone call was about him because the producer kept glancing his way while walking out of the set. On returning to the set, the producer called Abel aside just for a chat.

“Your mother is not feeling well. Head over to Nairobi Womens in Hurlingham.” The producer told Abel.

Abel was driven to the hospital by a man named George.

“I was with my mother like 2 weeks ago. She was doing fine.” Abel recalls.

He tried calling his family members but none picked his calls. He wondered why they were not picking his calls but instead are calling George. George informed them of their location.

“When we got to Allsops on Thika road, I felt something that I have never felt before. Something was off.” Abel says.

He then texted his brother and demanded for the truth about what is really happening. If his mother has died they should not waste time getting to the hospital. They should instead tell him which mortuary to head to.

“My brother called back and paused for a while. He then said we should meet at Chiromo and then hung up.” Abel narrates.

Abel and George got to Chiromo at the same time with his father, uncle and aunties. Abel saw his mother put on a stretcher and that is when it hit him. They grieved as a family on that fateful Monday.


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