Akothee dares ex-husband to try her in bed, says she’s an expert now

Akothee (Photo/Courtesy)

On Thursday, Musician Akothee boasted about her sexual prowess in bed. She disclosed she was inexperienced while dating her first love but was an expert now.

The artiste separated with her first husband years ago and they have 3 children together.

Her first love, Jared, is now married to another woman and has more children.

Although Akothee revealed their romance ended the time they separated, they have remained close friends and peacefully coparent their three daughters.

They met when Akothee was a teenager and the singer revealed she has gained more experience in bed since then. She joked about showing her ex new moves.

“I just don’t know why this love ended. See romance sha. Just imagine I didn’t even have any idea of sex, I was just showing up in bed. I discovered sex in 2010. Jared should try me now haki,” the award-winning artiste said.

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The musician cum entrepreneur said her ex would be rushed to hospital if they ever engaged in the act.

The mother of five jokingly expressed desire to prove herself in bed. However, she showed respect towards the boundaries between them.

“The ambulance should be packing downstairs, a patient will be visiting the doctors and that patient is not me. I really feel like I should show him my new styles and the things I learnt on earth after I left. I have advanced. God bless you and your family,” the businesswoman said.

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Akothee and her first love Jared

In the past, Akothee revealed Jared had left her after falling in love with another woman.

Another romantic lover only wanted children with Akothee and not a commitment.

Moreover, another lover was toxic and Akothee decided to leave for her own wellbeing and safety.

At the moment the mother of five is single but has expressed desire to settle down with the right man in future.

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