Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby reveals she is viciously bullied every single day on social media

Musician Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby took to social media to condemn bullying.

In a video on Wednesday, the model revealed how she has been body-shamed all her life. This got worse when she joined social media a few years back.

“I don’t think it’s fair to go around calling people thin, fat or other hurtful names that you tend to use. If you really didn’t know, body shaming can lead to depression, which can lead to suicide,” Rue Baby said.

The entrepreneur and model said she has always been bullied because of how thin she is.

However, things got worse when she joined and became active on social media.

“I have been a victim of body shaming all my life, especially since I joined social media platforms. People commenting on my photos, telling me I’m very thin, I am too bony, I need to eat, if I’m eating where does the food go to, you know!” the entrepreneur revealed.

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Rue Baby revealed the mean comments used to get to her and she had a very hard time viewing herself positively.

However, with time she accepted and loved herself, thus developing a thick skin against online trolls.

“I really had a very hard time accepting my body the way it is. Then I figured all these words that they’d say, it’s their opinion about me but it is my opinion that matters at the end of the day. So I decided to love my body the way it is.”

Rue Baby was the first runners up in Miss Universe Kenya 2019. She attributed her successes to her confidence which pushed her to try out more challenging things in life.

She urged all victims of bullying to develop self love.

“All victims of body shaming out there, I want to tell you today, you need to grow thick skin. You need to grow thick skin in that when someone tells you anything about your body, you know your body is good, perfect and you love it the way it is and whatever they say cannot break you.”

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Moreover, she asked online trolls to think about how they’d feel if someone attacked their family members or close friends and body shamed them.

“If the same words were uttered to you, your mother or sister, how would you feel?”

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