Betty Bayo exposes chats with married man who wanted to hook up with her

Gospel musician Betty Bayo came out to share screenshots of a conversation that she was having on WhatsApp with a guy whose name is saved as Martin.

From the screenshot of the conversation, the man clearly knows that he is talking to someone named Betty as he repeatedly keeps writing the name while chatting.

“Betty I told you I want you. I mean it. I want to be committed,” Martin wrote.

At this point of the conversation, Betty was speechless and replied with an emoji that clearly expressed her shock.

Martin went on to state his desire to take care of her and make her life comfortable by paying rent for a house and furnishing it fully.

“I want you to look for a house ranging from 150k to 180k. I want to furnish that house and make you feel like the queen that you are. Bayo you deserve me,” Martin expressed.

Betty went on to stress that she does not date married men at all.

Martin was relentless in his pursue for Betty. He made more promises to her in order to entice her hoping it would result to a change of heart. Martin even came up with a solution to solve the ‘problem’ of him being married since it disqualified him from getting a chance to be with Betty

“Get a young man marry him for public image, I pay him 100k a month to act as your husband but should never touch you. Please look for a dark guy at least who resembles me in case we get kids. No one will notice then I will beĀ  your real husband undercover. Think about it,” Martin stated his case.

Martin put his best foot forward but Betty was having none of it. She wondered if Martin did not have a clue about her being a born again Christian who respects the institute of marriage.

Betty Bayo is not the first public figure to be approached by men who make promises based on their supposed wealth and riches.

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