Churchill Show Comedian Zeddy says Pumwani Nurses were Rude after losing baby during childbirth


Churchill Show comedian Zainab Zeddy lost her second-born during childbirth.

Speaking on UnscriptedWithGrace, Zeddy said her baby was stillbirth and she discovered it after the baby’s birth.

Moreover, the nurses were completely rude and never informed her what actually caused the baby’s death.

When labour pains began, Zeddy went to a hospital in Kiambu but the beds were insufficient and she opted to go elsewhere.

“When we went to a hospital in Kiambu, they conducted tests on me and said i was nearing delivery. The baby was okay and healthy. The doctor told me to sit on the floor because the beds were already full. I was shocked and called my husband to transfer me to another hospital,” the mother of three said.

Zeddy and her husband then went to Pumwani Hospital. The baby was checked and the doctors concluded everything was okay and the baby was healthy and ready to be delivered.


After a brief check-up, Zeddy was rushed to the labour ward. However, the baby did not respond after being delivered.

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“After giving birth, the baby did not cry. They lifted the baby and tried to elicit a cry but nothing happened. They looked at each other, put the baby inside a box and pushed it aside. They then asked me if we would carry the body or not,” Zeddy reveals.

The comedian reveals losing the child was very painful because she had just lost her father and was planning to name the baby after him.

Zeddy opted to wait for her husband to come and assist her as she had just given birth.

As one nurse was administering medication to stop bleeding, Zeddy asked what had caused her child’s death but was met with rude responses.

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“Between me and you, who is the child’s mother? You’ve come right now, you haven’t even finished 5 hours. You’ve stayed with the baby for nine months, Who is supposed to tell who what happened to the child?”

I wondered why the nurse was so rude at a time like that. I kept silent.

Up to this day, Zeddy does not know what caused the death of her second-born child.

“I asked the doctors what had happened and they were rude, they did not give me any counselling. After nine months i went back home with the things i had shopped but with no baby,” Zeddy said.

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