Congratulations! Henry Desagu listed among Africa’s most influential YouTubers

Award winner Henry Desagu was listed among Africa’s most influential YouTubers.

The comedian cum actor’s YouTube channel has garnered over 389k subscribers and has over 260 video uploads. This achievement saw him trend for the better part of the day on Twitter. His fans were proud of his accomplishment and sang his praises.

He hails from Mwihoko and crowns himself as The Prince of Mwihoko.

Desagu took to his Instagram to show his gratitude for the support. In one of the posts he encouraged those who have not yet subscribed to do so.

“Thanks saana #TeamDesagu #Desagu for big Support on Youtube..we now rated among top Youtubers in Africa Mob Love. IF YOU HAVE NOT SUBSCRIBED TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL KINDLY DO. GOD BLESS.”

In another post he encouraged that they will soon get to 1 million subscribers.

“Desagu of Mwihoko Kingdom😊 Thank everyone for being such huge supporters of the content we upload hasaa pale Youtube. MDOGO MDOGO ATA 1M SUBSCRIBERS TUTAFIKA. God bless you all always.”

We wish the Prince of Mwihoko all the best as he keeps soaring higher and higher!


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