Diana Marua reveals why KabiWajesus is the only love of her life

Diana and Kabi Wajesus

On Tuesday morning, netizens woke up confused. This is because Bahati’s wife Diana Marua started professing her love for Milly Wajesus’s husband, Kabi Wajesus on social media.

The Wajesus family are best known for their sensational YouTube channel where they share their day to day activities.

Moreover, Diana posted a video of Kabi Wajesus and Bahati, but hid Bahati’s face and said how much she was crushing on Kabi Wajesus.

This shocked her 1 million followers.

However, it turns out that Diana and Milly Wajesus have switched their accounts. This means for 24 hours, Diana will be posting using Milly’s account and vice versa.

The reason why Diana was professing love for Kabi Wajesus, is because Milly Wajesus was the one running the account.

“Today this account belongs to Milly Wajesus. Let’s hangout together here. Subscribe to our YouTube channel the Wajesus family,” Milly Wajesus said through Diana’s IG account.

Moreover, YouTube sensationalist Milly Wajesus cleared the air on the matter, saying she was the one controlling Diana Marua’s account.

“Hey guys, it’s Milly Wajesus here. Today I’m running this account so I’ll be posting (like i) post on my own account, so when you see Diana Marua posting KabiWajesus as the husband, don’t get confused. It’s a takeover,” Milly said using Diana’s account.


Milly Wajesus

On Milly Wajesus’s account, diana was also busy posting as herself.

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