Don’t allow government, MCSK reps to speak at my funeral, musician Reuben Kigame says

Musician Reuben Kigame

Musician Reuben Kigame has said government representatives and Music Copyright Society of Kenya officials should not speak at his funeral service.

“What I have been through under them is enough,” Kigame said in series of tweets.

In a thread expressing his frustration with MCSK and piracy Kigame said he has been recording music since 1987, released 29 albums with daily airplay in many stations around Kenya, played on just about every public event, including by police and military bands, yet he is paid about Sh18,000 in royalties per month.

“Before I am told to be grateful, think about MCSK and PR I SK hoarding royalties from 2009, Safaricom and other bodies getting the bigger share in collections, piracy and cartel theft! If anyone doubted God can provide, ask me,” he said.

He shared a message that shows he only received Sh17,532 in royalties in February: “Dear Reuben, your Feb-21 royalty has been deposited to your Okoa Wallet. Gross: Ksh17,532.00 Deductions: 1. Ziada loan Ksh6,986.08 2. Instant loan Ksh0.00 3. Arrears Ksh0.00 Net Amount: Ksh10,545.92 Help? 0720720720”.

“So this is the point: I am one of those doing very well, or so I assume. What are other musicians getting? Out of ksh 10 of skiza royalties, I keep ksh 2 or 3. The rest is somebody else’s!” he said.

He questioned why the Kenya Copyright Board keeps licensing MCSK “with full knowledge that the institution is not accountable”.

“Where are the forensic audits? Why is it when musicians elect their representatives to MCSK they are removed? What about ghost membership?” he posed.


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