Dr Ofweneke showers his queen with praises on her birthday!

Comedian Dr Ofweneke refers to his family units as The Eagles.

Dr. Ofweneke took to social media to publicly wish his wife a happy birthday. On a photo he posted, he gave credit to the person that dressed his wife, the photographer and the make up artiste. He went on to credit himself too.

“The glow and happiness on her face had been caused by ME!! 😜😜😜😜” Dr Ofweneke captioned.

They are clearly in love and he makes her happy.

The media personality then went on to post a video praising his wife in front of their friends.

“You are the best decision I’ve made in the past 4 years. You’ve given me peace and joy. Every single day, this is what makes me happy, us. There is going to be too many of your birthdays that we are going to celebrate together. I’m stuck to this. I’m stuck to you. I love you.” Dr Ofweneke said to his wife.

He then gave her a peck after pouring his heart out to her. Talk about love!


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