Dump him before he dumps you in the future sis, Noti Flow advices women after dumping cheating boyfriend

Noti Flow

Rapper Noti Flow has announced that she is back on the streets as she is now single.

The ‘Foto Moto’ hit maker took to her Instagram to let her fans know that she has dropped her cheating boyfriend and is now looking to explore.

“There’s plenty of fish in the sea anyway right? Let’s explore,” Noti Flow wrote.

The musician accused her boyfriend of cheating on more than one occasion. Noti Flow says she discovered flirtatious text messages from two different women.

Noti Flow

When she discovered messages from a lady named Nicole to her man, she confronted him about it but he managed to put her mind at ease and convinced her that it was nothing. He deleted the lady’s number and blocked her on his social media platforms just to assure Noti Flow that nothing is going on between them.

A while later, when Noti Flow found lovey-dovey messages from another lady called Florence, this was the last straw for her. She upped and left the relationship.

Noti Flow

While letting her fans know what was popping, she took a dig at Size 8 and said she can never do what Size 8 did.

“Mi si size 8 ati you cheat on me then we blame it on the devil and pray for it. I know my worth, I know I’m enough and if you can’t see that get the hell out of here. You cheat on me I dump your ass,” Noti Flow expressed.

She also commented, “Dump him before he dumps you in the future sis.”

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