Edgar Obare’s life in danger after exposing Governor Joho’s secret lover

Blogger Edgar Obare has landed in trouble after doing an expose’ on Mombasa Governor Joho’s secret lover, Natalie Tewa. He was arrested and detained at Gigiri police station.

The blogger hnow claims his life is in danger.

“I am not safe, i don’t feel safe, i don’t know why i’m not on bail,” Edgar said on Friday through social media.

“They wanted to transfer Edgar Obare to a “SAFER” location but he has refused! What “SAFER” place is there than Gigiri police station? Why would they want to transfer him at night? Why? This can be me or you! I say No! Stop everything and stand with Edgar, he needs us!” Xtiandela said.

The whole thing started when Governor Joho and Suna East MP Junet Mohammed visited ODM leader Raila Odinga in Dubai on July 9.

This was after Raila had undergone a minor surgery. On the flight to Dubai, Joho and Junet took a picture of themselves and a handbag on the floor was also captured.

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After further investigation through obtaining Natalie Tewa’s visa from a source, Obare confirmed that the woman who had accompanied the governor was 27-year-old YouTube content creator Natalie Tewa.

Moreover, he said the two had been seeing each other secretly. He now reportedly faces charfes for the expose.

According to social media influencer Xtiandela, Edgar Obare is being charged with disclosing personal data.

“He is being charged with ‘Disclosing Personal Data’. The Visa. He is being held till Monday when he will be arraigned in court. He is not shaken and he can’t wait to come back and serve hotter tea!” Xtiandela said through Instagram.

Moreover, his electronics have been taken away from him.

“To those asking, Edgar Obare’s phones and laptop were confiscated. His team is handling his socials. Let’s help them get Edgar out! There are people with more serious offenses moon-walking around!” Xtiandela said.


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