Endometriosis warrior Jahmby Koikai finally gains weight recommended by doctors

Endometriosis survivor Jahmby Koikai has finally added the weight recommeded by doctors after struggling to beat the deadly disease.

Jahmby was diagnosed with thoracic endometriosis which effects the lungs, chest, diaphragm and ribs. She has undergone therapy and treatment and is still being treated, although she is in stable condition at the moment.

The Former radio presenter and news anchor was wasting away during her long treatment abroad and had reached 36kgs only.

Jahmby Koikai in hospital battling endometriosis a few years ago

However, after coming to Kenya to recuperate, the doctors’ main goal was for Jahmby to gain more weight and become healthier. On Sunday, she finally accomplished it.

“So during diagnosis and through treatment, i was at 36kgs. I was wasting away. The priority has been to see me add 14kgs to get to 50kgs. I’m heavily medicated and it hasn’t been easy. I’m now at 50kgs fam. I’m excited and happy. That’s such a milestone for me,” the endo warrior said through social media.

Moreover, Jahmby said adding the weight was difficult. This is because she had to train herself to eat things she disliked in order to gain the recommended weight.

Additionally, she celebrated the huge achievement by honouring her mother through wearing her clothes.

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“I’ve had to incorporate foods that I’d never eat. I hated avocado with a passion but i had to train my mind to accommodate them in my taste buds. I eat all types of wild greens. Loads of fruit and a lot of mashakura lol,” Jahmby revealed.

“So today i honoured my beautiful mom who’s been my caregiver, by wearing one of her dresses that she gave me when i was in highschool and her sling bag.”

Jahmby was not only celebrating her big feat, but also her little sister’s achievement. Jahmby’s sister graduated on Saturday with a Master’s degree in Science.

“She did this through my sickness and all the stress we were going through. I’m super proud of my little sis. To anyone in the same space I’ve been in, don’t give up. I pray for a productive and blessed week for each of us,” she said.

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