Enough is enough! Maureen Waititu comes out guns blazing with evidence that Frankie isn’t the father he pretends to be on social media

Frankie Just Gym It

Frank Kiarie alias Frankie Just Gym It stated on an Instagram post that he does not have access to his son.

In a birthday post to his son Lexi, he penned downed what he would have loved to tell his son but since he has no access to him, he caption the video wishing him a happy birthday in hopes that it would get to his son one way or another.

Maureen Waititu

This post turned the public court against his baby mama Maureen Waititu. She was bashed on social media with people wondering why she is acting the way she is and yet she is lucky to have a man who provides and caters for his children.

The influencer has decided enough is enough and uploaded a YouTube video to her Channel stating her truth and facts that she has kept away from the public in order to protect the image of the father of her children. She came out guns blazing with evidence to support her claims.

Maureen Waititu and her sons

Maureen revealed that before she decided to take the legal way to deal with Frankie, she tried to have a sit down with him in order to plan how to raise their kids but this bore no fruits.

“The last time Frankie sent any kind of money for upkeep was on 8th August 2020. Till date I haven’t received any kind of money from him,” Maureen revealed.

Maureen Waititu and her sons

Maureen went ahead to call out all those social media parents who just want to parade photos of them with their kids but in reality aren’t doing anything to cater for the children.

Maureen made it clear that she has not barred her baby daddy from seeing the kids. She understands the importance of children being able to connect with both parents.

The influencer always told Frankie that he is free to drop by any time he would like to see his kids and spend time with them.

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