Former K24 News Anchor Shiksha Arora reveals most embarrassing moment on TV

On Wednesday, media personality Shiksha Arora revealed some personal aspects of her life that were not known to the public.

Through social media, former K24 news anchor Shiksha Arora invited Kenyans to ask her any burning questions they have.

This was in collaboration with Celebrity Access, an entertainment company.

One social media user by the name Jinias was curious to know the most embarrassing thing the media siren has ever done in public.

“What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had? #Celebrityaccess.” He tweeted.

Shiksha revealed there was a time she made a mistake while reading news. To make matters worse, her boss was watching the whole entire time.

“This happened not long ago. I was on air and I read TU SOME as TWOSOME, oh and my boss was watching,” the award-winning journalist responded.

K24 news anchor Shiksha Arora

Moreover, Shiksha disclosed that the cheapest dress she owns is ksh350, from Toi market.

The media personality displays so much talent on air. However, journalism was not the first course she studied in University.

“I pursued Microbiology and Biotechnology as my first degree. Growing up, I was fascinated by microbes and their immortality,” she said.

The journalist went on to disclose there were more bacteria on a person’s finger than the people in the world.

According to Shiksha, her greatest achievement would be to make her parents proud.

Her parents play an important role in her life, and they are the ones who correct her when she makes mistakes.

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“My mother wouldn’t hesitate to slap some sense into my head if need be. She keeps me grounded and reminds me the importance of being human first before being something else,”

Despite being talented and beautiful, Shiksha reveals some people try to put her in a box. She has met people who believe a woman cannot be beautiful and smart at the same time.

“(The greatest challenge I have ever come across in my profession is) dealing with the stereotype that intelligence and beauty are mutually exclusive and that both cannot exist in one person, ” Shiksha said.

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