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Health CS Kagwe proudly talks about his rapper son, Kahu$h

by Monrose Murugi
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Kagwe and his son Kahu$h (Photo/Courtesy)

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has encouraged parents to support their children’s dreams like he supports Kahu$h, his son.

He said this during an interview with a local TV station on Monday.

Kagwe has been in the limelight for the better part of this year since his appointment as he continues to lead Kenya in battling covid-19 pandemic.

Apart from his work, Kagwe is a proud father. Talking about his family, he said his youngest son, Kahu$h, is a rapper.

Kahu$h is also in first year studying Politics and International Relations at Nottingham University in the United Kingdom.

“His name is actually Kahumburu but somewhere along the line it became Kahush,” the CS revealed.

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Kagwe acknowledged that his son is a good rapper and said he listens to his son’s music from time to time.

“Every person’s life is different. The life that I lead is not the one my father did. My children are going to have their own lives also,” the CS said.

“After the age of 21 years, you’re an adult and you curve your own path. You use what talents God has given you.”

Kagwe also revealed there are golfers and other musicians in his family as well.

“In our family we have people who are musicians like Kahu$h and Kagwe Mungai (Kagwe’s nephew). We have golfers like Mutahi (Junior golf champion) and Njoroge,” he said.

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In an interview with NRG radio, Kahu$h revealed his parents were supportive as long as he managed to balance between music and school.

Kagwe believes it’s important for parents to support and guide their children, and insisted that children should be allowed to pursue their dreams.

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