I have infected multiple men with HIV – Jackline Njoki

Jackline Njoki

A business woman by the name Jackline Njoki Mwangi also known as Kiki wa Ng’endo came out to reveal that she is HIV positive and that she is fighting depression.

The 36 year-old confessed to knowingly infecting men with HIV. She says that it is not her responsibility to take care of men who cannot protect themselves because she too did not receive any warning from whoever infected her.

“I cannot be your keeper. You don’t know me. I’m not related to you.” Jackline says.

She went on to add, “You want to have sex with me why not wear a condom? If not a condom then ask me for a test if I’m comfortable.”

She admitted to having learnt to sleep with men for money while still in high school from shows on TV. Her mother also used to bring various men home.

“As long as you are not giving me money then why do you want to sleep with me?” Jackline said.

Jackline discovers that she was HIV positive when she was 18 years old. She has been living with it for 18 years now.

“My uncle is the one who made me go for the test. I don’t know what he saw that made him tell me to go for a HIV test.”

Jackline practices prostitution to eat and also to get clothes. She says that there was no other way to live.

Jackline Njoki

A sponsor opened a business for her. She set up a barber shop in Thome. The sponsor sustained her for 3 years. They went their separate ways after she realized that he was asking for so much money from her after opening up the business.

“He did not know my status but we used to use condoms. I did not tell him my status because I feared atanitoroka.” Jackline revealed.

Jackline confessed that she slept with a man without a condom even after she revealed her HIV status to him. The man later on went to take PREP in order not to contract HIV. Jackline was surprised at his willingness to not use a condom.

The reason why Jackline has come out is to warn men against sleeping with every woman they see around and for her family to stop abusing her.


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