I was completely naked and they took photos of me, Edgar Obare relives ragic experience in the hands of police officers

Edgar Obare

Edgar Obare aka the tea master narrated his encounter with persons who identified themselves as the police only for him to realize that he has been abducted.

Edgar revealed that he had a court case scheduled to take place yesterday. The mentioning of the case was initially taking place virtually only for him to be notified that he need to present himself physically at the Kiambu Courts.

At the time Edgar thought nothing of the change.

Edgar arrived at the courts and caught a glimpse of his lawyer eating smokies outside the court right before three plainly dressed men approached him, held him by his waist and whisked him to their awaiting vehicle.

According to reports, the complainant was nowhere in sight to attend the hearing.

The blogger demanded them to identify themselves, why they were arresting him and where he was being taken to.

“In the car they put cuffs on me and they were getting a little tight so I asked the guy on my left to loosen them up and he refused,” Edgar narrated.

“He asked that I unlock my phone and I should cooperate with them, which I refused.”

Edgar further stated, “They put a hooded mask on my head as they did not want me to see where we were heading but I could see a little under my nose.”

Edgar Obare

The car pulled over and that is when they changed cars. Edgar complained that his cuffs were too tight so one of the men removed them and tied his hands back with a rope instead.

“I was told by the driver that they were awaiting orders and maybe an extra charge will be added to my case. They also kept taunting me that they will drive me to Kisumu to face charges there and asked me which powerful person I had insulted in Kisumu.” Edgar narrated.

The plainly clothed men accused Edgar of extorting money from his victims and asked questions about Joho, Size 8, Dj Mo and Jalangoo. They demanded to know who pays Edgar to do all this. Edgar kept mum and that is when they rained kicks on him as well as blows on his abdomen.

“They decided to strip me naked in the car by cutting off all my clothes to my boxers. I was completely naked and noticed one guy taking pictures on my penis,” Edgar revealed.

They later threw him out of the moving vehicle into a thicket with thorns. He had to walk on the road barefoot trying to get help. At this point, he was feeling hazy while staggering and he instantly knew they had drugged him when they gave him drinking water that tasted weird.

Luckily, he found a good Samaritan around Chaka past Nyeri that clothed, fed and sheltered him. He later caught a taxi all the way back to Nairobi.

Edgar called out those that made him go through the whole ordeal.

“They confiscated everything I had on me, let the authorities stop denying they did this to me and protecting each other.”

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