Is it time to open up the country? Kenyans seen flaunting Covid-19 rules at a garden party

Will The President open or extend regulations by another 30 days? This is the question on every citizens’ mind.

As Kenyans eagerly await for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidential address that is to take place this week, some Kenyans are busy flaunting the Covid-19 regulations put in place by the Ministry of Health to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

Over the weekend, some Kenyans were busy living it large at a social gathering.

In the video doing rounds on social media, no masks were worn and no social distance maintained. Everyone was in each others space. Wow! Talk about flaunting the rules without a care in the world.

Kenyans can be seen busting moves to the blaring music. There is no party without alcohol. Almost everyone is holding a drink in their hand. When it comes to fashion, the ladies had a statement to make. Seems like people had really missed their party outfits that were busy collecting dust in the closet. Guess it was time to dust them off.

This move did not sit well with some Kenyans while others felt like they should have been invited as they are missing out. They pushed it further claiming that they will attend the next one.

Here are some reactions from online users:

taurielbilbo: Huku ni WaPi nikuje💃💃💃
mokesh_rue: Si mnachomaaa😂tutafungiwa tena eish
maina_blackman: Sasa nyinyi mnachoma sasa…Mtafanya watuongezee 30 days tena
meshach_namayi: We were set free wen our president hustler went to kisii na it was evident no social distance
lovi_jnr: Hii Nairobi si iko na Watoto wanapiga look safi 🔥
_kvyne_:  Wale wamepiga sherehe hii time ya covid ndio wanaajua the real taste of sherehe haitaki hasira😅😅
fe_lix_2_: Where’s this?? I take a flight ✈️
Here are a few snippets from the garden party:

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