Jalang’o to start TV station after being fired from Mediamax


Comedian and former Milele FM radio presenter Jalang’o has hinted about starting a TV station, but on YouTube.

Jalang’o announced his resignation from Mediamax on Monday. However, unconfirmed reports indicate that he was fired instead.

On Thursday, Jalang’o came out to share the idea of changing his YouTube content to resemble that of a TV station instead.

The comedian has been interviewing celebrities through his YouTube channel dubbed Jalango Mwenyewe.

In Jalango’s YouTube show Bonga na Jalas, he has interviewed notable celebrities such as media personality Betty Kyallo, musician Kaligraph Jones and Diamond’s ex Tanasha Donna.

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His channel has become popular, garnering 106, 000 subscribers with videos getting hundreds of thousands of views.

“The YouTube channel is growing so fast. What if we made it even bigger and better?” Jalang’o asked.

According to Jalango’s plan, the Bonga na Jalas show (which is the main and only content) will be made into a segment instead.

Then he will incorporate other content such as news, sports, music and other shows, so that it resembles content from TV stations.

“I can have somebody do news, I can have somebody do sports, I can have the comedian of the day and reviews e.t.c” the former radio host said.

Moreover, if the idea is turned into reality, the comedian will change his YouTube channel’s name Jalang’o Mwenyewe to Jalang’o TV.

“So that Bonga na Jalas is not just about me, it’s about all of us and we create the number one Kenya online television on YouTube,” the content creator said.

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“We can have interviews, sports, music. We can have all these things going on just like TV. It will be an opportunity to give so many other youths who have the talent a chance. Advertisers have already started coming on board,” he revealed.

He urged talented Kenyans to communicate with him on how to get recruited into the YouTube TV team.

The idea is in the early planning stages where it’s viability is still being tested.

“Thats an idea. That means, if you have talent and you have always wanted to host something, you can talk to me. Tell me what you are good at and I will send a number where you can send one-minute clips. We’ll put these videos out there and that’s how we’ll get our hosts,” the comedian said


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