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KISS FM Presenter Jalang’o reveals his sister was mistaken for his lover

Jalang’o and his little sister (Photo//IG)

KISS FM radio presenter Felix Odiwour aka Jalang’o revealed how his sister was mistaken for his lover during the Tuesday morning show on the radio station.

The presenter expressed frustration at the way people aimlessly took pictures and videos of others and used them to spread false information.

Jalang’o narrated an ordeal where he was travelling with his sister on Thika road when one person took a video of them together.

Two months later when the boy’s club scandal had blown up, the person shared the video with a blogger and claimed the married radio presenter was with his mistress.

The people used the video to spread false information, claiming his sister was his lover instead.

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“I’ve had a very bad share of this. So this day I’m driving down Thika road with my sister and these guys take a video of us. That was the time things had heated up when the story about my boys had come out. Things were really crazy,” the comedian said.

Comedian cum Radio Presenter Jalang’o (Photo//Courtesy)

In May, Jalang’o and some of his close friends dubbed the boy’s club, were accused of sleeping with numerous women and comparing their conquests in a WhatsApp group. Jalang’o and most of his friends accused of these acts are married men.

However, Jalang’o said the leaked and viral screenshots of their conversations were just normal chats and the video with his sister was used out of context.

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“We were just having normal chats in our WhatsApp groups. When everybody’s talking about the scandal, these guys actually saved this video two months later and sent to a blogger, saying we even saw him driving down with a lover,” the radio presenter said.

“You even had time to take videos of me chilling with my sister. The car I was driving that day is a drop top. If I have a lover, why would I lower the roof of the car? I had nothing to hide,” he asserted.

“So this person saw your car, removed his phone, recorded and stayed with the video two months before sharing it with a blogger?” Jalango’s co-host Kamene Goro asked in shock.


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