KISS FM Presenter Kamene Goro was conned Sh60, 000, her marriage fell apart

Radio Presenter Kamene Goro

KISS FM radio presenter Kamene Goro revealed the time she was conned by a Nairobi-based Private Investigator while she was in Tanzania.

Speaking during the morning show, Kamene said there was a time she and her partner were going through a rough patch in their marriage.

Some people had sent her then husband screenshots of conversations that implied Kamene was cheating on him.

Kamene knew the conversation was fake and decided to hire a personal investigator to find the origin of the alleged conversations. However, the PI never delivered his end of the deal after getting payment of Sh60, 000.

“The person who conned me was in Nairobi. I was in Tanzania and some information had come out about my phone line. They had given this information to my ex-husband. The information was insinuating that I was being unfaithful but those were not my texts. All the information was fake,” the media personality said.

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KISS FM Radio Presenter Kamene Goro

The texts made Kamene and her husband separate. He did not believe she was telling the truth.

Kamene wanted to save her marriage and decided to hire a private investigator who could find out the true origin of the information within two days.

She had even asked her husband to wait for two days so the PI could confirm her innocence.

“My marriage was about to go down the drain over something that was not true. I googled top PIs rated in Nairobi and found a number. I called all the way from Tanzania. (The services) cost about sh60, 000.”

The private investigator insisted the full amount should be paid immediately in order to get quick results.

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Kamene withdrew Tanzanian shillings, converted them to Kenyan currency and found an Mpesa shop where the transaction occurred.

After the payment, the PI asked the radio presenter to send her email address so the investigated information could be sent to her.

However, the information was never sent and Kamene is waiting for the information to date.




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