Marriage is like going to the gym – DJ Mo speaks about marriage

DJ Mo describes marriage like going to the gym. It takes a lot of effort to make it work and it is worth it in the end.

Talking with musician Pitston on ‘Dine With The Murayas’, they tackled the issue of what happens to relationships in cases of mistrust.

The father of two and Pitston both disclosed how their significant other caught them pants down with incriminating evidence on their phones. This got Pitston wondering how females get the feeling that something is wrong.

DJ Mo admits that there was a time singer Size 8 packed her bags and left because of what she found on his phone. This was made possible all because he left his phone unlocked while he napped the night away.

“Niliamshwa katikati ya usiku and she was holding the phone to my face showing me all the messages. She packed her bags and I thought she was joking. Imagine she left.” DJ Mo narrates.

In order to get her back, he blamed the devil for his deeds just like every other person does when on the wrong. HeĀ  tried to convince her that the devil is working against them so that they can part ways. But this did not sit well with Size 8. She had made up her mind.

Size 8 admits that it took a Pastor knocking on her door for her to think about forgiving DJ Mo. The mother of two had at one time moved out to a luxury apartment and furnished it just to show DJ Mo that she can do well without him. She also disclosed that she has packed her bags severally to leave DJ Mo.

Just like everything in life, growth is necessary. DJ Mo and Size 8 admit that they are not the couple they were some time back. They have learnt to communicate better and how to handle each other in marriage. Growth is necessary for change to occur.

Size 8 and DJ Mo’s parting shot is to never forget to put God first because prayer is the shortcut to life.

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