Fatherhood: Nyashinski told me I’d not feel it until I hold the baby, Fancy Fingers recalls

Every woman’s pregnancy journey differs. Some experience a lot of changes and difficulties, while others have a smooth journey.

On the recent episode of Sol Family on Sol Generation TV, Sauti Sol’s Fancy Fingers and Lady Mandy took their followers through their journey of meeting and parenthood.

Fancy Fingers is Kenyan while Lady Mandy is from Burundi. They have a show called The O’s kitchen: MIM (Meals In Minutes) where they cook different delicacies.

Fancy Fingers states, “Having a baby is very magical. Nyashinski called me and told me bro, you will not feel it until you hold the baby. It is a feeling you cannot explain.”

Lady Mandy explained her pregnancy experience so far.

“I have not had any constipation issues. I am really truly enjoying my pregnancy. It is the most I have ever felt beautiful. No morning sickness, no scent rejection, no food rejection and no crazy cravings. It has just been amazing.”

“I have not even downloaded the first child and people are already asking me how many kids I want to have. Including my own husband. I just want to get through this one first.” says Lady Mandy.

She went on to add, “But if I had a guarantee that each pregnancy is going to be this fabulous, I might sign up for more.”


Wishing Fancy Fingers and Lady Mandy a beautiful remaining part of the journey to meeting their little bundle of joy.

Check out the photos of Lady Mandy slaying in her baby bump with Fancy Fingers.

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