Tanzanian Star Musician battered by husband, reveals suffering in domestic violence

Tanzanian Musician and Actress Shilole after being beaten by her husband (Photo/IG)

Tanzanian musician Zena Yusuf Mohammed, aka Shilole, has come out to speak about her personal experience of domestic violence. Shilole revealed she has been constantly beaten by her husband, who never cared how he left her after the vicious attacks.

The singer cum actress apologized to women for remaining quiet about her suffering while encouraging other women in physically and emotionally violent marriages to speak out.

“Today I have decided to break the silence and put in the open the fact that, my husband Uchebe has been beating me. After beating me, he never cares how he has left me and never calls (for help). I get treated in hospital. The physical torture has removed any form of happiness and life in our marriage,” she said.

Shilole asserted she will not die in the hands of her husband and leave her children suffering in the streets.

The  actress loved her husband and gave him everything, but Uchebe has continued to be physically violent and has inflicted immeasurable torture upon her.


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“Uchebe is a man I loved deeply, I put up with all suffering and gave him everything. (My soul, my money and even supported him until he was financially stable. I did all those things because I knew we were together), but that never prevented him from beating me, disrespecting me and betraying me,” the Tanzanian public figure said.

Moreover, two days ago, her husband rained blows and kicks on her while she was asleep. She had come home after working the whole day, fending for her husband and children.

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“I know I will be criticized for putting this on the internet, but I have no other choice. My life is in the public eye and people look up to me. From now on, I do not want to be known as Uchebe’s wife. I only want to be known as the woman who put the needs of her children first and decided to be single in order to be safe and happy.”

The Tanzanian musician hoped her post will help all those women experiencing domestic violence to speak up and fight violence or they will end up dead.

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