Papa Shirandula and wife lost 4 babies before getting 3 healthy ones

Papa Shirandula/COURTESY

Papa Shirandula’s wife Beatrice Andega has shared the challenges they went through in their marriage.

Speaking during the final tribute to her husband and Kenyan icon aired on NTV’s Churchill Show, Beatrice narrated the early years in their marriage.

They met in 2004 through mutual friends in church.

Following their meeting, the couple settled down.

Unfortunately, their childbearing process had several challenges of one miscarriage after the other.

They lost four children before having their fifth child in 2006.

“In 2006, we had our first child. But before that, we had lost about four. The firstborn was Anthony and in 2007 we had our second born Charlie and in 2009 we had our baby girl Sherry. In the same year (2009), we formalized our marriage,” narrated Beatrice.

According to the widow, Papa Shirandula succeeded because of his hard work and resilience.
Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula/Courtesy

Beatrice said she supported her husband’s hustle financially.

This is because they were still struggling with no permanent source of income.

“When I met him, he did not have stability in life. He was struggling as a hustler, living in a small house in Uhuru estate and walking to the theatre where he would sometimes make small money in a play. Sometimes I would support him financially when he wanted to make his own play. I wanted to encourage him because that’s where his interest was, even though I personally was not interested,” she added.

According to the mother of three, her late husband deserved all the successes he achieved for the years of hard work and commitment.

Papa’s breakthrough in acting necessitated him to push other comedians and actors to gain the names and brands that they currently bear.

Papa Shirandula succumbed to Covid-19.

He was buried last week at his rural home in Funyula, Busia County.

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