Trust me you don’t want to be me – Rue Baby admits she goes through torture

There is a saying that goes like this ‘People won’t see your struggles, they will only see your success’.

People want to celebrate you and emulate you only when you become successful. They always wish they could be like you forgetting there is a path you took that moulded you into the success they see.

Akothee’s daughter, Rue Baby, revealed that she gets a lot of messages of people wishing to be like her yet they have no idea in the world what she goes through what she has done to be what she is today.

“I want to be like you RUE. But no one has an idea how it is being me or in my shoes. Trust me you don’t want to be me.” Rue baby wrote.


She continued, “The social media bullying I go through, the no’s I get , the rejection because am either too “thin” or just not enough, the body shaming. The amount of emotional torture I go through. It’s just too much . I don’t want anybody to be like me, I can’t imagine someone as young as I am going through what I go through and not being able to handle it like I do.”

She further added, “If anything you should be in a better position than I am. I am strong and you should be stronger .Have a blessed Saturday ❤”

Next time you want to have someone’s life, ask yourself if you are strong enough to endure what that person has gone through and make it out of the other side stronger and better.

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