Vera needed a brain transplant more than a boob implant – Aoko throws shade at Vera Sidika

Aoko Otieno was born and raised in Nairobi, Kawangware. The outspoken Aoko is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree at University of Nairobi. She is taking a double major in Political Science and Peace and Conflict Study.

In a recent interview, Aoko Otieno admitted to knowing that most of her haters are women. She describes her fellow woman as emotional hemophiliacs.

“Women bleed emotionally at the slightest provocation. I know they say I am harsh but in the end the truth has to be told.” Aoko stated.

Aoko pointed out that she does not hate her current generation of women, she just   On her social media accounts, she has harsh opinions on women behaviour. She is a champion in the eyes of men. She fights their battles.

“This generation wants to be so comfortable that the only thing they want to bring to the table is their sex appeal,” Aoko mentioned.

Aoko insisted that there is no difference between socialites, slay queens, women who are sponsored and Koinange prostitutes. She claims the only difference is the routes that these said women ply.

She explained that Koinange prostitutes stand on Koinange street while the other categories of women have packaged themselves and turned social media to their new brothel.

“We cannot objectify ourselves and make ourselves objects that do not have value other than what we carry in our bum or our chest,” Aoko stated.

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Aoko simply thinks that people like Vera Sidika waste their money. She believes that people who spend money to look good won’t last for long and that is why they have to keep going back to the surgeons blade.

“Vera needed a brain transplant more than a boob implant,” Aoko said

In the end, Aoko advised women to go out there and work for their money however little. She reiterated that women should be more than just their butts, boobs, wigs and makeup.

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