Wilbroda recalls how the late Papa intervened when she was chased out of the house by her ex-husband

Comedian Jackie Nyaminde alias Wilbroda opened up about her journey from marriage to being back on the market.

In a recent interview on YouTube, Wilbroda narrated how relieved she now lives as she was in a toxic marriage. What made her walk away from her husband is the fact that she felt threatened with his angry outbursts.

The day that her ex-husband returned home shouting at her to the point that the child was startled is when it dawned on Wilbroda that she needs to leave. This pushed her to make the decision that this is not the environment for her.

“I thought he would eventually change when we settle down and get married but that was not the case,” Wilbroda spoke.

She recalled a time when she got back from work at around 4pm and her ex-husband chased her out of the house and told her to leave without the baby. She got so frustrated and broke down.

“I called the late Papa Shirandula while crying. He came to negotiate with my ex-husband to give me time to sort myself out,” she narrated.

Wilbroda started to get her life together. Before she eventually moved out, she would purchase essential home items without the knowledge of her ex-husband. The late Papa Shirandula helped her search for house and that is how they became neighbours.

“On the day that I was moving, he found the lorry outside the house. Since I knew the movers, they warned him not to try anything so I was protected,” Wilbroda narrates.

The only things that she carried out of her ex-husband’s house was two beds, the TV, a carpet, a table, clothes, utensils and my fridge.

“I did not feel guilty when I moved out, instead I felt so relieved,” she confessed.

Wilbroda reveals that she is dating but is not in a relationship. She did not disclose the identity of the man.

There are so many people who are in toxic marriages in the hope that things will get better or that there is a reward in another life for enduring a toxic marriage. Wilbroda does not support this. She advises people to always put their happiness and peace of mind first.

“Why stay and you are miserable? Leave. This is the only life you have. Make your life here your heaven,” Wilbroda advised.

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