Wondering if you should take back a cheating partner? Chito Ndhlovu talks relationships

Chito Ndhlovu

Media personality Chito Ndhlovu has been in media industry since 2013. He confirms that he has been in the game for 7 years now.

From his recent social media posts, it is clear that he is a relationship guru with all the advise he dishes out. Seems like he has it all figured out.

Some months ago, Chito wedded secretly. He did not put his relationship out there for the world to see and he has his reasons.

“It isn’t a wise move to put my private life out there. But I married the best person in the world. I’m a very happy guy.” Chito disclosed.

In a recent interview, Chito stated the qualities a man is looking for in a woman. He stated that every man is different so they look for different things in different phases of their lives. But he went ahead to lay out the qualities either way.

“A man is looking for peace. When it comes to physical attributes, some men like them tiny others like them maduong.” Chito said.

He went on to advice people to make sure they are happy and have joy.

“You don’t want to be married to someone and you don’t laugh. You are always angry. Get someone funny.” Chito advised.

The story of cheating partners has become too common. Every now and then so and so has been caught with another partner. People always wonder should they go back to a cheating partner or walk away.

“If it is a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship then walk away. Run run run! When it comes to marriage, i t is a tricky situation. There are many people who have been with people who have cheated and things got better and there are those who stayed and things got worse.” Chito responded.

Can you maintain a friendship with your ex?

“No no no! You cannot be friends with your ex. Do not cause problems with future partners. Bury your ex and move on!” Chito said.

Why do people ghost people?

“People are ghosted because one person did not hear clearly what the other person wants. It also happens because it is just not happening. Another reason is the person got what they wanted. They got the s3x and now they have bounced.” Chito stated.

Chito is a strong believer of the 90 day rule. Make him wait ladies! The truth will come out and that is when you will know his true intentions. No one can pretend for so long.

All in all, Chito insists that mutual respect is important in a relationship. He also advised that a happier better space makes a happier you.

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