538 people test positive for Covid-19, infected mothers advised to wear masks while breastfeeding

In the last 24 hrs, 538 people have tested positive for Covid-19 from 6,195 samples.

The virus load now stands at 24,411 after conducting 335,318 tests so far.

Moreover, 514 patients have recovered within the last 24 hours and were discharged from hospital.

The total number of recoveries bow stands at 10, 444.

Unfortunately 8 patients died today, raising the death toll to 399 people.

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Nairobi County continues to lead in the number of Covid-19 infections with 277 out of 538 cases that have tested positive in the last 24 hours; 6,195 samples were tested.

“We are celebrating World Breastfeeding Week. Breastfeeding is the most environment friendly way to feed our babies.
Breast milk is a natural food. Nursing mothers require conducive environment for breastfeeding,” Dr Aman said.

Mothers’ breast milk contain antibodies that help a baby fight off viruses and bacteria.

UNICEF and WHO recommends that the mother starts breastfeeding within the first hour of the baby’s life and for 2 years or even beyond.

“It is highly unlikely that transmission of coronavirus occurs prenatal or via breastmilk. Severe COVID-19 disease among infants appears to be very rare,” Dr Aman said.

“To mothers who are COVID-19 positive: Wash your hands before touching baby, wear a mask during breastfeeding.”

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