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African states challenged to own their peace processes

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Peace and Security Department of the AU Commission has called for the African ownership of peace processes in the continent.

This emerged during a meeting to review institutional relationships and partnership among the AUC, foreign states and international organisations in the implementation of the African Peace and Security Architecture and African Governance Architecture.

The African Peace and Security Architecture and African Governance Architecture have

The war in South Sudan, the regime change in Sudan, the collapse of the State in Somalia, and the conflicts in Burundi and DRC, the situation in Ethiopia as well as the wars in former Zaire, are significant examples of protracted conflicts.

In response, EU Ambassador to the African Union Ranieri Sabatucci appeared to accuse other partners of not being supportive.

#EU totally supportive. Others? It’s time for a fair burden sharing and for alignment to #APSA and #AGA. P&S [peace and security] in Africa is a GLOBAL public good. That means that everyone has interest in investing in it,” Sabatucci tweeted.


EU has invested more than €2.7 billion to support African efforts in conflict prevention and management, according to the Africa-EU partnership website.

The EU also prides itself in nine ongoing EU Common Security and Defence Policy missions in Africa providing advice and training to more than 30,000 African military, police and judiciary personnel and also helped to reduce piracy in the Horn of Africa through its maritime military mission EU NAVFOR Atalanta.

However, this is not the first time PSC is calling for the ownership of the peace processes.

It did so it’s 797th meeting on September 24 last year, the PSC at the ministerial level saying it “reiterates that adherence to the principle of African ownership and priority-setting for the continent’s peace and security agenda is critical for the successful promotion of lasting peace, security and stability in Africa.”

In that regard, underscored the importance of the decisions of the AU Assembly on the financing of the AU peace and security agenda, as part of the overall financing of the AU.

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