Akothee reveals disease which has tormented her for years, seen her hospitalized multiple times


On Thursday, musician Akothee revealed she has been suffering from one disease for many years. Akothee said it was difficult to say no to people.

She has always been a people pleaser and that greatly affected her health. As a result, she has been hospitalized multiple times.

However, when she turned 40 years, she learnt how to say no and her life became less stressful.

“Over the years, I have been suffering from a disease called ‘being too nice’. This disease has taken me to hospitals a number of times. I never knew why I was successful but still tired and feeling empty while in a relationship.

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However, with time Akothee discovered that some people around her were affecting her health. This is because she always had to look out for them and do everything they wanted, even if she didn’t want to.

“Little did I know I had people around me who sucked my energy and I always felt the need to attend to them and play a mother figure even to my employees and try to put everyone’s sh*t together. I have this stupid heart that makes me burn my finger every day,” the award-winning artiste said.

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“Whenever I say no to my children or family/friends, I go into a small depression and feel like I should just have given in to what they ask me to do. Unfortunately, all these things are normally one-sided and people will only miss me when I am no more. They may not feel my presence until that D Day.”

The entrepreneur and philanthropist said when she turned 40, she learnt to say no to some things. As a result, her children and family think she is mean. However, she says this is growth.

Moreover, Akothee will take a break from Akothee Foundation for a few months to rest after working hard.


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