Cancer patient was allegedly sedated and raped at Coptic Hospital

Nurses and orderlies at Coptic Hospital have been sedating and raping patients at night, according to a report by The County.

One rape victim narrated the terrible ordeal she went through at Coptic Hospital in an exclusive interview with the daily.

The patient was raped at night while unconscious and only found out what had happened while taking a bath the next day in the shower.

The victim by the name Lucy(Pseudonym), was initially being treated for liver cancer at Outspan Hospital in Nyeri. The liver cancer was a recurrence of the breast cancer which she had successfully battled in 2019.

The hospital referred her to Coptic Hospital for specialized treatment and she was admitted in Coptic on July 1 2020. However, on July 3, things took a turn for the worst.

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While asleep after being heavily sedated, Lucy was raped.

Preliminary investigations indicate the people responsible are either nurses or orderlies because they are the only ones who are around at night.

Lucy discovered what had happened on Saturday morning while taking a shower. She reported the matter to the resident oncologist Dr Andrew Odhiambo but nothing happened.

On Sunday, her daughter came to visit and Lucy revealed what had happened. Her family thought it wise she checks out of the hospital on Monday but the management at Coptic wanted her to go on Tuesday instead.

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Lucy was also injected with a substance that made her weak. However, the injection cannula was accidentally left on her arm.

She was eventually released on Monday after being intentionally delayed by the hospital management.

Lucy immediately went to Nairobi Women’s Hospital and underwent a urine and gynaecologist swap tests.

The tests showed traces of semen in her system, confirming she had been raped. However, Coptic’s discharge summary shows nothing.

Moreover, the injection cannula tested for cocaine, showing Lucy had been injected with the drug.

The cancer patient then went home and eventually reported the incident at Kilimani Police Station on Tuesday July 7th. She is still waiting for feedback.

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