Churchill Show Comedian Njoro attempted suicide 3 times

Comedian Njoro on stage (Photo/Courtesy)

Churchill Show Comedian George Maina popularly known as Njoro, attempted suicide three times.

Speaking to fellow comedian Zainabu Zeddy in Nakuru, Njoro revealed he has been battling depression for a long time.

However, things got worse from October to December 2019 when he was at his lowest.

The most recent incident is when he tried to commit suicide by plunging the car into the depths below.

“I wanted to drive the car off the road in Viewpoint and die but I don’t know who God sent. Someone came while I was still in the car saying my final prayers. I don’t know if he heard me,” Njoro said in a video shared on Monday by Zeddy.

“He parked behind me and secured a towing rope behind the car. When I had finished praying, I started driving the car towards the deep plunge but the car was not moving. He came and told me not to do it.”

Njoro on Churchill Show

People eventually crowded the area and Njoro left. The very first time Njoro tried committing suicide, he swallowed rat poison but the harmful substance did not work.

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“The first time I licked rat poison like glucose. The second time I bought medicine for cows. I had heard that if someone swallows it, it acts swiftly. I swallowed it. Another time I tried slitting my wrist. In December things were bad and I was trying to slit my wrist but all the suicide attempts failed,” the popular comedian said.

Comedian Njoro

When asked why he was trying to kill himself, Njoro admitted he could not take the pain anymore.

He had reached the limit after losing everything, including close friends.

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“It’s a painful thing. When you lose everything, you lose even friends. My depression was very bad. I’m currently taking medicine to treat depression. My father became sick and it was later discovered he had stomach cancer. I also have four children.”

Despite taking medication, Njoro admitted what he really needs the most is a counsellor who can help him overcome depression.

This is partly because the medication is very expensive.

He also needs financial help and can take any job that is available. However, he denounced comedy, saying he was not doing it anytime soon.


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