Citizen TV Maria actors were rejected many times before breakthrough into acting industry


Citizen TV Maria actors Brian Ogana and Ronald Ndubi (Photo/IG)

Citizen TV Maria actors Brian Ogana (Luwi) and Ronald Ndubi (Victor) were rejected many times in the acting industry while beginning their careers over 10 years ago. Ogana took to social media to share the times they were denied acting roles.

“Ronald Ndubi, I look back from where we’ve come from and I just laugh. Back in 2008, when we got so many rejections in this industry and got so many NOs from the people who never saw our craft for what it was. Who knew we could get here?” Brian Ogana said.

Despite many rejections, the duo did not give up and it paid off in the long run. Now they are part of the show Maria which has a very large audience and has become very popular in Kenyan households.

“We kept the (fire) alive and look what God did. Let history remember us not for the good and bad, but let it remember the two young men who were hungry to break the glass ceiling and never took NO for an answer. I celebrate you bro. To many more,” Ogana said.

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Ronald Ndubi (Victor) had been praying for a breakthrough for 11 years. In 2019, he revealed he had gone to over 1000 auditions before finally landing a role in Maria series.

“11 years I’ve been praying, believing and trusting God to be a successful actor. Since 2008, I have gone to over 1000 auditions. This is my breakthrough. God answers prayers. Keep believing,” Ronald Ndubi said.

The Citizen TV Maria series has become a game-changer in the Kenyan entertainment industry. It has also opened doors to other opportunities for the rest of the actors and actresses.

Yasmin Said (Maria) shared that she loves what she’s doing at the moment and hopes to use the opportunity to scale greater heights.



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