Woman accuses CJ Maraga of being a deadbeat dad outside Milimani Court

Chief Justice David Maraga (Photo/Courtesy)

On Tuesday morning, drama ensued outside Milimani Law Courts when a woman emerged and started claiming Chief Justice David Maraga was a deadbeat father.

The woman by the name Mary Kwamboka Onyancha, claims she had an affair with CJ Maraga from 2013. Kwamboka says she has a six-year-old child with Maraga.

A crowd that had gathered demanded she produce documents to prove her claims.

Kwamboka screaming outside Milimani Law Courts

Kwamboka said she had all the documents with her and that their relationship with Maraga began in 2013.

“Amekataa kugharamia mtoto wake anataka nigharamie kila kitu. I met with Maraga and we had an affair. We’ve been friends from 2013 and now i have a 6-year-old daughter. I have been filing cases every now and then,” the woman claimed in a video shared by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi in Telegram.

Moreover, Kwamboka claimed the Chief Justice failed to show up after being summoned by the Children’s Department. She produced documents to back up her claims.

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On June 8, a number of banners were found hoisted across some city streets.

All the banners had messages that were highly insulting and defamatory to the honourable Chief Justice and other senior judicial officers.

The banners intimated that this was just the beginning of a long ugly fight targeting Maraga and the judicial.

Moreover, the banners displayed the pictures of the Chief justice and the senior judicial officers.

“It is clear that the banners are a continuation of well-choreographed attacks on the judiciary throughout this week, particularly on social media,” reads a statement from Judiciary.

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According to the statement dated June 12th, Judiciary said “These attacks are clearly meant to threaten and intimidate the judiciary. (They) do not and will not detract the Judiciary from discharging its core mandate of dispensing justice in a fair, just and independent manner without compromise.”

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