DJ Evolve finally speaks after being shot by Babu Owino

DJ Evolve at home

On Monday, Felix Orinda aka DJ Evolve talked about life after being shot by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino in B Club.

DJ Evolve is numb from his torso going downwards. His condition has improved over the past weeks and he is now recuperating at home.

During an exclusive interview with NTV, DJ Evolve disclosed his condition and hoped he would recover as soon as possible. His voice was not clear because he has a tube in his neck that helps him sanction and clear his airwaves.

“Okay, I am generally doing better as opposed to when it first happened. I was really traumatized at the beginning but I learnt to live with it. At least nowadays I can be able to sleep but before I couldn’t sleep at all. I kept having flashbacks of that fateful day. I needed medication to put me to sleep,” DJ Evolve revealed.

DJ Evolve (Photo/Courtesy)

“I’m slightly able to move my limbs but I can’t be able to move my arms. That’s the furthest I can go.”

DJ Evolve said although there was some improvement in his movement of limbs, it wasn’t enough because those were his tools of trade as a DJ.

“So when I don’t have them, there is no way I can be able to work but generally looking at it, it’s better because I can move them. Before i couldn’t do that,” he said.

In terms of work, Evolve said he cannot fend for himself and depends on the family for full assistance.

Moreover, DJ Evolve’s mother stopped working on January 17 when the shooting happened. She dropped everything to help her child who was in critical condition in ICU.

“When I got the news that my son had been shot, I was shocked. I felt as if everything had been turned upside down. I turned to God and prayed for him to save my child, ” DJ Evolve’s mother said.

“Singefanya chochote na mtoto wangu ako hivi. I’ve always been with him since the shooting. He has been in hospital for 6 months,” Orinda’s mother said.

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“The bill reached approximately 17 million. One week before he was discharged, I saw the MP had paid ksh7 million. The hospital bill is being catered by him so I can’t say more about that matter,” she said.

He is currently under homecare and some nurses attend to him.

“I have never seen Babu Owino, we have never talked. I’m in too much pain to talk to him. I only talk to God.I can’t talk to him because I see as if my child’s life has been destroyed.”

When asked whether he had forgiven Babu Owino, DJ Evolve said he had left the matter to God and was waiting for the justice system to do what’s right.

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