Former IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba warns Akombe against testifying on Chris Msando’s Murder

Former IEBC leaders Dr Roselyn Akombe and Ezra Chiloba

Former IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba has warned former IEBC Commissioner Dr. Roselyn Akombe against testifying on Chris Msando’s murder.

Chris Msando was IEBC’s ICT manager and had promised to ensure the IEBC tech system in the 2017 elections was foolproof. He was murdered three years ago.

His body was found at Muguga forest in Kikuyu. He had been tortured and reports indicate the killers wanted his password to the election results transmission system.

Dr Akombe on July 29 said she will testify at an independent judicial inquest into the murder of her colleague Chris Msando. However, soon after, she received a warning email from Ezra Chiloba.

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“Dear Roselyn, do not attempt to rewrite history. Our silence is not you license. Yours truly, Ezra,” reads the email from former IEBC CEO.

Dr Roselyn believes this development further necessitates the need to reveal what led to Msando’s murder.

“I received this email from Ezra Chiloba, former CEO at IEBC Kenya. It confirms my call for an inquiry. Kenyans deserve the truth. I owe it to you,” she said.

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Akombe says Chiloba was led to the “slaughterhouse” by IEBC commission insiders. She said she’s ready to reveal what she knows. Akombe fled to the US soon after the elections took place.

She claimed her life was in danger and returned to work for the United Nations there.

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