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Georgia elects first African-American senator

Georgia, the state situated in the southeastern edge of the United States, is on the verge of overturning history with the expected confirmation of Rev. Raphael Warnock as the new senator.

Warnock, the son of an evangelist father and cotton picking mother, appears to have won the race by a margin of a few thousands votes in what was one of the most watched senate races in the US. Georgie has played a crucial role as a ‘flip’ state awarding Democrats a chance of winning over Republicans at the Senate and Presidential levels.

Warnock's comments
Warnock’s comments/Occupy Democrats

It is expected that Warnock’s win will grant the Dems a majority at the senate, in a move that certainly turns tables on the Republicans. The Conservatives had led the senate, under the leadership of Mitch McConnell, for the last four years. It is a pleasant surprise for President-Elect Joe Biden as certainly requires a co-operative legislative framework to achieve his goals.

Georgia had remained an absolutely Republican zone making Warnock’s win one of the most visible electoral issues in the 2020-2021 presidential and senate elections.


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