How Sonko saved girl’s life after all Kenyan doctors Lost Hope

Baby Scandy Chelagat before the surgery

Baby Scandy Chelagat had been suffering from a cancerous tumour in her eye for a few years. The tumour was very big and was attached to her brain, making it difficult to operate and remove it.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his team tried to take nine-year old Chelagat to every good hospital in Kenya but the answer was the same, they could not successfully operate and save her life.

“We tried our best to take her to all the good hospitals in Kenya just to try to save her life, but at some point the doctors gave up on her. They indicated that her chances of survival were very minimal and that she should be discharged to go back to her Kericho rural home,” Sonko said through social media.

Little Chelagat came from a very humble background. If she went back home, all chances of saving her life would be difficult since the condition required urgent medical care outside the country.

Rushing against time, Sonko processed Chelagat and her father’s travelling documents. Her father was a watchman in Kericho.

“Accompanied by our nurses, we airlifted them to Hydrabad, India. She underwent a 9-hour surgery conducted by a team of doctors,” Sonko wrote.

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The cancerous tumour was successfully removed. Chelagat was put under observation by doctors for one and a half years to monitor her condition and confirm whether the cancer was completely gone.

After conducting numerous tests within a period of three years, the doctors confirmed that the cancer was completely gone. Chelagat is now cancer -free.

Chelagat after successful eye surgery

Chelagat celebrated her 12th birthday on Sunday. Sonko wants to help chekagat retain her vision through an eye transplant surgery.

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“Baby Scandy is now in class six at Whitestar Academy in Langata under our full sponsorship and she is today celebrating her 12th birthday.”

“Unto you baby Scandy, even though this year we are not celebrating your birthday together due to covid-19 rules and regulations, you are a very strong girl. May you live longer to become a good testimony of how God’s miracles work. Happy birthday baby Scandy,” the governor said.

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